Specialty Diamond BRTD630 6 Inch 30 Grit Thin Electroplated Dry Pad for Orbital Sanders

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Specialty Diamond 6" BRTD630 30 Grit Thin Electroplated Dry Pad for Orbital Sanders.

The BRTD6 diamond polishing pads are made specifically to polish concrete using orbital motion and without the use of water. Use the BRTD6 diamond pads with the BRT-ORB37 to polish concrete up to 3000 grit dust free. When used with the BRT-ORB37 the pads’ design allows dust and particles to be extracted through and around the pad with a series of dust extraction ports.

The BRTD6's heat-tolerant, hard bond resin and orbital action combine to create a superior swirl free finish when dry polishing concrete. BRTD6 polishing pads will match the results of the corresponding grits in Specialty Diamond BRTW and BRTTD concrete polishing pads for consistent polishing results. Available in 60 grit, 100 grit, 200 grit, 400 grit, 800 grit, 1500 grit and 3000 grit.



  • Integrated dust extraction ports
  • Pad surface designed for polishing using orbital motion
  • Heat tolerant hard bond resin
  • Hook and loop design
  • Polishing results consistent with BRTW and BRTTD pads
  • Dry use
  • Compatible with other popular 6" orbital sanders
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Model# BRTD630
UPC 645710013522

California Proposition 65

Brand Specialty Diamond
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